About the AATA

icon2 aataOur Association aims to create a collegial context in which the practice of therapeutic arts are deepened and enriched through sharing of professional experiences and resources.

We seek to raise awareness of the healing potential of the arts, at the levels of body, soul and spirit, and their vital contribution to personal and social change.

We are part of the Anthroposophic Health, Education and Social Care (AHaSC) and our full members are registered with the Council for Anthroposophic Health and Social Care (CAHSC).

Internationally, we are linked to the Medical Section at the Goetheanum, which coordinates and supports research and development of Anthroposophic Medicine and its different forms of therapy worldwide. It promotes therapeutic freedom and diverse methods as well as qualified pluralism in medicine.

Within this area, we are directly connected to the International Coordination of Anthroposophic Art Therapies (ICAAT), which establishes and maintains contacts and encourages initiatives among the various Anthroposophic Arts Therapies worldwide. Further, we are members of the International Federation of Anthroposophic Arts and Eurythmy Therapies (IFAAET), an organisation dedicated to the political, legal and professional development of Anthroposophic Arts Therapies and Eurythmy Therapy, on an international level.

The general leaflet for all the arts therapies can be downloaded here
The specific leaflets for each of the therapies can be downloaded on their respective pages.

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