The basis for artistic creation is not what is
but what might be.
Rudolf Steiner

The Foundations of Anthroposophic Therapeutic Arts

The foundations of Anthroposophic Therapeutic Arts (creative speech, music, singing and the visual arts) have been developed since 1921 to the present day – and continue to be – by doctors, artists and therapists in the context of anthroposophic medicine, curative education and social therapy.

Based on the understanding of the human being as developed by Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925), they offer a holistic approach to health and healing that incorporates body, soul and spirit. Their practice involves the use of artistic processes and media as well as the therapeutic relationship.

Practitioners are trained in the respective art forms (i.e. drawing, painting, sculpture, music, singing, speech, etc.) and this is complemented by further training in the specific therapeutic profession, integrating knowledge in the field of salutogenesis and pathogenesis.

Respectful of the uniqueness of each person, the practitioners work with many different client groups including children, teenagers, adults, the elderly and those with special needs.


Rudolf Steiner

Dr Hauschka

Ita Wegman

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