There are 4 levels of membership

Full Membership: applicants are required to be registered with the Council for Anthroposophic Health and Social Care (CAHSC) or the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC). They have completed an anthroposophic therapeutic arts training, with diploma, recognised by the Medical Section.

Student Membership: applicants for student membership are enrolled in an anthroposophic therapeutic arts training, recognised by the Medical Section. They pay a reduced fee of 50% and are expected to apply for full membership within six months of completion of their training.

Associate Membership: applications can be received from any individual, including professionals who may to date not qualify for full membership, who share the aims and objectives of the AATA. Associate membership fee is the same as that of full membership.

Honorary Membership: by invitation only.

Friends of AATA: applications can be received from any individual (not currently practicing in the UK as a Therapeutic Arts Practitioner) interested in, or wanting to support, the work of the association. Applicants may be members of other professional associations (eg doctors, nurses etc), a Therapeutic Arts Practitioner practicing overseas, or someone no longer practicing in the UK (eg retired professional). A Friend of the AATA does not pay a fee; rather they are invited to make a free financial contribution to the association.

Full members are entitled to list their AATA membership in their professional literature. Other members need to add the appropriate prefix (student, associate, honorary member).

How to become a Member

To download a membership application form click here

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