The Twelve Senses in
Diagnosis & Therapy
Vols I, II & III
by Dr Michaela Glöckler

The idea of publishing this series of lectures initially came from the wish to share within English-speaking countries the valuable person-centred wisdom and experience developed out of the practice of Anthroposophic medicine and associated therapies.

The lectures were given between 2016 and 2018 in the course of three International Art Therapy Conferences in Dornach, Switzerland,1 by the then leader of the Medical Section of the School of Spiritual Science, Dr Michaela Glöckler – leader of the anthroposophic medical section (1988–2016), who kindly gifted the lectures to the AATA for publication.

In these lectures, Dr Glöckler describes the unique understanding developed by Rudolf Steiner of a system of 12 senses, distinguished in terms of senses that are body-oriented, feeling-oriented and knowledge-oriented.

The publication offers leading-edge, authoritative study material presented in a lively, engaging way – complete with Questions & Answers, and accompanied by a rich series of illustrations, for understanding how the human sensory system functions.

The AATA intends to expand this series of booklets with other theme-based publications relevant for our times, in order to make this holistic-integrative and salutogenetic approach to diagnosis and therapy more widely known.

NOTE: Between 2016 and 2018, the annual international study days for anthroposophic art therapy at the medical section at the Goetheanum (Dornach, Switzerland) focused their research on the 12 senses, based on the anthroposophical understanding of the human being, as developed by Rudolf Steiner – the themes being:


  • Development of the senses
  • Unfolding of the senses
  • Supporting the lower senses in development and illness through anthroposophical art therapy


  • Can you see something I cannot see
  • Between sensory perception and sensation
  • The middle senses and their role as mediators in art therapy


  • I experience you listening, speaking, thinking
  • Between sensory perception and sensation
  • The higher senses and the phenomenon of fear and anxiety

These lectures deepen our understanding of the lower, middle and higher senses – of how they give us access to our body, to our surrounding physical and social environment, and to the world we live in; and how this framework enriches our understanding in the realm of interpersonal encounters, interaction and relationships between individuals. There is also a consistent focus on the question of development and support in the pedagogical and therapeutic application of these understandings.