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The Art Space journal, currently in its 5th year of publication, emerged from the wish to create a platform for the Association of Anthroposophic Therapeutic Arts (AATA) members to share and showcase their diverse therapeutic experiences and insights in a formal publication.

The journal aims to:

  • encourage a culture of professional exchange;
  • create opportunities for sharing knowledge and exploring diverse therapeutic approaches;
  • inspire and stimulate innovative interventions and research.

ArtSpace also aims to reach out into the wider world of therapy, healing and care, sharing perspectives and insights from anthroposophy that will build a bridge to, and a fruitful dialogue with, psychotherapeutic, psychological and other contemporary therapeutic and healing approaches within a modern, integrative context.

The journal’s primary aim is to advance and nurture the development of anthroposophic therapeutic arts. It is deliberately not a ‘journal’ in the narrow academic sense of that term, in that it cultivates a warm, readable and encouraging atmosphere, with the human beings who are cared for and the deeply human aspect of our work at the forefront. An emphasis is also placed on the aesthetic quality of the journal with its copious colour illustration and photographs.

ArtSpace appears yearly and sometimes bi-annually, and brings together a diverse range of written contributions relevant to our work as therapists, with most being written specifically for the journal. Contributors are drawn mainly from the Association membership and its circle of colleagues, though other contributors are also welcomed.


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