Therapeutic Visual Arts

Colour is the speech of the soul
Margarethe Hauschka

What are they?

Anthroposophic therapeutic arts are complementary therapies that offer a creative route to strengthen and support our inherent health forces, even when these have been severely displaced by illness.

Through painting, drawing and modelling, the inner world is explored in its connection to the surrounding environment. The rhythms found within the cycles of nature, poetry, myths, fairytales and personal storytelling serve to be important resources towards greater self-awareness and integration.
As the focus is on the process of art making, no skills are expected or needed.

How can they help?

In a safe, facilitating environment, working creatively on one’s own destiny through the challenge of illness, life crisis, loss or depression, one can discover a new direction. Based on an active engagement, the therapeutic arts can affect the physical, physiological, psychological and spiritual levels of our wellbeing.

Through our imagination, we may come to terms with life experience, implementing change and growth. Artistic activity expands our consciousness, helping us to express, explore and share feelings and thoughts, especially when we struggle to find words to address the emotional or physical distress.

Who do they benefit?

Respectful of the uniqueness of each person, the practitioners work with many different client groups including children, teenagers, adults, the elderly and those with special needs.

Specific areas of clinical intervention are depression, anger, challenging behaviour, chronic illnesses, addiction and palliative care, along with end of life issues.

The therapeutic work takes place, one-to-one or within a group setting, in clinics, schools, residential homes and hospices. It is available in some NHS practices, as well as private practices.

The leaflet for Therapeutic Visual Arts can be downloaded here

You can find our Therapeutic Visual Arts Practitioners here

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