Aims, Objectives & Benefits

The AATA was originally funded in 1996 as AAAT by a group of visual therapeutic arts practitioners. In 2009 the association transformed into the AATA to embrace all anthroposophic therapeutic arts to include music, singing and speech as well.

The wish to form a collegial context in which the practice of Therapeutic Arts can be deepened and enriched through sharing of experiences and resources has been the leading vision of the Association. The AATA provides a forum for mutual support and professional advice among its members and aims to represent Anthroposophic Therapeutic Arts to the public and assisting its members in raising public awareness.

Members seek to form a network to exchange experiences, to form warm and supportive relationships in which trust in each other helps to foster professional development.

In the AATA Constitution we have set out our mission and fundamental principles upon which our association is based.

Art and Activism for Climate Action, San Francisco, 2018

Annual General Meeting, AGM

The Annual General Meeting is usually part of a yearly Conference held in varying locations. However unusual circumstances such as the pandemic restricted face-to-face meetings. To provide access to the AGM these important gatherings have now been planned as online meetings. All members may submit points for discussion to the secretary or chairman in good time for inclusion on the agenda.

The method of decision-making on all issues is by consensus. If consensus is not possible, the final decision is to be taken by the Carrying Group, however members are invited to join the Carrying Group to actively engage in supporting this process. Minutes of the AGM will be recorded, kept and made accessible to the members.

The Carrying Group

The board of the Association is called Carrying Group, a group that carry the aims and objectives, the responsibilities and concerns of the Association. This group has decision-making power and conducts any regular business that is not submitted to the Annual General Meeting, AGM. The aim is to communicate with all members in order to be aware of needs arising. Major decisions or change of constitution must be discussed with all members at the AGM.

Membership of the Carrying Group can be taken on by all members and is on a voluntary and rotational basis by mutual recognition among those willing to take the responsibility for the Association and agreed by the membership at large.

It consists of a minimum of seven and a maximum of twelve full members of the Association. Each of the Therapeutic Arts is to be represented by a minimum of one member when possible.

The Carrying Group may set up committees for particular purposes and may delegate responsibility. It reports yearly to the Annual General Meeting about its activities, including submission of the annual closing account. The work of the Carrying group is task-oriented. Specific roles such as the chairperson, secretary and treasurer will be appointed by the Carrying Group from among its members.

Since the start of the pandemic we have been meeting online and/or in nature where possible

Members of the Carrying Group

The Carrying Group consists currently of seven members. The board has three fixed positions, those of the chairperson, secretary and treasurer. All other areas of responsibility are freely chosen and described in the current distribution below. However, the work of the board encompasses much more than these areas. The work changes according to the demands and requires active teamwork and flexibility.

Maria Albiez

Art Therapist specialised in Sculpture Therapy, HCPC, Supervisor,
longstanding tutor at Tobias School of Art and Therapy​

Elisabeth Körber

Art Therapist, HCPC, BAAT, Supervisor, Secretary, Contact and communication,
Website, Board member of IFAT​

Jane Quail

Transpersonal Arts Counsellor, Minutes secretary​

Susanne Koszyk

Therapeutic Arts Counsellor, MBACP

Donald Phillips

Therapeutic Speech Practitioner
AnthroMed and IFAT delegate for the AATA​

Diogenes Mock

Integrative Psychotherapist, MSc, MUKCP​

"Teach us to outgrow our madness" Allan McCollum, Berlin, 2020. Exhibition “Listen to a Heartbeat” (...) "the works on display all share an atmosphere of reclusion, fragility, disorientation, timelessness and a search for sanity - sentiments we are all experiencing at the moment". photo: Stefan Haehnel. Courtesy of the artists and Galerie Thomas Schulte.